Azione locale,

impatto globale 

Il tuo lavoro fa la differenza.


U-Earth is changing how millions of people breathe around the world. Put your hard work
and talent to good use by helping 
tens of thousands of different businesses go green.


From revolutionising air purification to creating a biotech face mask, no day is the same
and we are constantly working to improve 
health and make the world a better place.


We would love for you to join the community and help us grow. See more of what we
are about alongside our current vacancies below.

Our Values

Universal Wellbeing

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body which grows in a healthy
environment. Hyperhealth is based on a 360° approach to wellbeing, 
with a focus on health preservation and planet recovery. 

Everyone is Included

We all live on the same planet and borders can't stop air pollution 
and climate change. Ideas and actions are enhanced by different
ways of thinking. Embracing the unique in U.


Assisted by Nature

Nature offers the building blocks needed to detox, heal and regenerate. We develop technologies and sustainable solutions from the finest unlimited, natural and renewable solutions.

Rooted in Technology

Cutting edge technologies are constantly developed, used and fine tuned to solve problems that older technologies created. We measure everything and find better ways to achieve more efficient outcomes.

Talent Focused

Express your personality and follow your instincts. We gather the finest talent to respond to a global challenge, building for those who believe a better future is possible and do not wait for things to change.

Have a Positive Impact

Everything we do has an impact. Even a small change can trigger an exponential positive benefit to all. Something tangible which can be tracked and calculated. We are here to change the world for the better.

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U-Earth helped me settle in a new country
and the ambition is hugely exciting. Each day I talk
to world-leading companies on how they can make
a difference to the planet.”

- Joao Fernandes, Partnerships - U-Earth Milan

If you....


Are respectful, resilient and responsible....


Practice continuous improvement....


Believe a healthier future is possible....


Care about the environment....


Want to be part of something meaningful....

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We want U!

Our Offices

We currently have offices in Milan and London with more on the way!
Feel free to use them as often as you like but we also appreciate you may
enjoy working from home. And that’s fine too!


Can't find a perfect fit?

Don't worry, we're growing so the right role for you may be on the horizon.

Please feel free to email a copy of your CV with a little information about 
yourself to to be considered for future openings.